Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring, Life Renewed

With today marking the first day of spring, it has made me step back and consider the seasons of change again in my life.  Right now, it is officially spring, but snow is all around me here in the country and now I see in the forecast a prediction for snow on my birthday next week….at the end of March!  People in my community tell me that this is the coldest, longest, and hardest winter they have experienced here in a long time. I experienced a winter like this once before....

I went through a season of prolonged winter after my husband died.  During those days of extreme harsh winter, I had to keep my eyes straight ahead and believe that one day, some day, spring would return.  I must be honest here and say that many days I felt as though it would never come and I might be stuck in an endless winter for the rest of the days of my life.  Thankfully, last year, slowly and gradually, spring began to emerge into my life again.  It is still emerging...a long spring is easier to handle than a long winter.  I experience pure enjoyment as I see new hope, new joy, new happiness, and new life springing up all around me.

I went back and read something I had written last year on seasons and it resonated with me all over again.  What a long winter we have had!  Can you imagine if it truly was always winter, as it was in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia?  Remember how dreary  and fearful the inhabitants of Narnia had become because of the endless winter?  Remember how free and joyful they were once the season changed and new life was restored?  My life is being restored as perennials are restored back to life and beauty after a season of dormancy.  My life is being renewed like the new growth on a rose bush after a hard prune that takes off every limb of the lovely plant and somehow, miraculously, the plant comes back more beautiful than before.

Thank God for the seasons.  It may feel like winter, but spring is coming!  In my life and in nature, a new and beautiful life is emerging. 

Here is the link to my blog post on seasons...Enjoy the Season

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