Saturday, May 17, 2014

Post Script...Lose the Weight

It is clear that “Lose the Weight” resonated with countless readers.  I am continually surprised how God’s timing for what He is teaching me in my life lines up with what other people are struggling to understand at the same time... then He uses my written word to speak about the issue at hand.  His bigness is overwhelming.

More thoughts on weight loss…

As I wrote before, the extra weight, be it emotional weight, belongings weight, or relationship weight, causes multiple distractions in our lives.  All of these different distractions either slow us down or keep us from moving forward at all.

I did not go into relationship weight previously, but wrong relationships, such as relationships that hold you back or keep you looking back, or relationships that keep you from moving forward in any way, shape, or form, are weighted relationships.  They are not only a distraction keeping you from moving forward in your purpose, but they are a huge stumbling block and hindrance.  Sometimes these relationships are more than just extra weight; they can be like a boulder tied to your ankle and prevent you from making ANY progress.  In other words, you are stuck.  You need to either deal with the issues in that relationship that are causing the hindrance, or if the relationship is like a boulder strapped to your body causing you to be gridlocked, you may need to cut the cord.  Relationship weight can be the hardest weight to lose but is often necessary.

The purposes for losing the weight are many. The distractions that come from the extra weight not only keep us from going forward to live out our God given purpose, but the weight can also keep us from ever discovering our purpose at all.  We do not have to know or understand our purpose before we can start to lose the weight.  Sometimes we need to begin to lose all the weight in order for our eyes to see and discover the purpose that God has had out in front of us all along.

Losing any of the weight...emotional, relational, or belongings...does not necessarily mean you are preparing for a physical move but it always prepares you for a move forward, the next step, or a change of direction in your life toward your God given purpose…a preparation for your life journey.  Think of it like a military boot camp or basic training.  They keep their belongings weight to a minimal, they keep an orderly environment, and they prepare their bodies and mind for lies ahead…not knowing when or where, but when the time comes, they can move forward quickly, their load is light and they are ready to fulfill their purpose.

It is all about staying in a state of readiness so that when it is time to take the next step, a curve ball is thrown your way, circumstances change, or the door of opportunity opens, your weight is light, you are emotionally and relationally strong,  and you can move forward with ease.   Don’t let the extra weight in your life sabotage you from fulfilling your purpose.

Eyes straight ahead.  

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