Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Like a Bridge...to a new life

Who knew that Sting and Paul Simon could bring on a spiritual awakening right in the middle of Madison Square Garden?

While standing in a recent concert with Sting and Paul Simon, I became overwhelmed with the fact that, with God’s grace and by His mercy, I had created a new life for myself.  In 2011, I wrote in a blog post called “Creating Life”,God is the great Creator of life.  I am made in His image.  He is showing me how to create life and beauty in this fallen world.”  At the concert, I had the realization that I am creating life, a new life.

I have been a Sting fan since I was in college when he was with The Police and I grew up in the 70’s listening to the classic “vinyl” by Simon and Garfunkel.  Seeing Sting and Paul Simon on stage in Madison Square Garden was magical for me. I occasionally had tears, very cleverly hidden from those around me, sitting in the rims of my eyes. Not tears because of who was on stage, but tears of joy over my life, the life God and I had created together…by His grace,  the courage and strength He had given me, and my willingness to move forward with life.  Isn’t it miraculous that I could have tears of joy over my life after all the pain I have had to experience? 

I always wanted to do things that made me happy but held back while telling myself that my happiness was not important. While listening to Sting sing the lead of “Like a Bridge”, I suddenly realized I was doing at that moment what I wanted to do simply because it was fun and it made me happy.  It confirmed that with the grace of God, I did, I can, and I do create my life.  I have been creating life ever since my husband died but had not felt like I had the right to create life in all areas of my life.  I learned immediately after his death that I had to be proactive in creating life again, new and fresh, a life that I wanted for my children and me, and not to be afraid to go after it.  A life where I would go after all I have dreamed of doing and be the whole person I was created to be, “unleashed in all my glory”.  All of this does not just happen; it takes a decision to keep moving forward with intention.

Good things come to those who wait” is an old proverb, a slogan made popular by a Heinz ketchup advertising campaign.  Good things don’t always come to those who wait; sometimes the best things come to those who do, or make it happen… like creating life.  You can dream about your goals and your desires all you want but you won’t ever reach them if you don’t do anything to move towards them. During the concert I recognized the fact that I had moved toward my new life with intention.  It had been one small step at a time causing me to not recognize how far I had come into my newly created life…until I heard Sting sing it.

As Sting belted out the chorus of  “Like a Bridge”, I felt like I was in a worship service and wanted to raise my hands and praise God because he had been my bridge. He had bridged my life from pain and grief over to joy and dancing. He had been my bridge from death and darkness over to new life and great light on my path.  I stood in awe that I was actually standing there, in New York City, listening to Sting, and yet feeling as if God was confirming, “I was your bridge.  We did it!  You are here.  You are alive and well!  You are living!  This is the other side.  A new life has been created for you.  A life for you to enjoy.  A life to bring you happiness.  I carried you over the bridge.  What is behind you is behind you.  What lies ahead of you is all new…a newly created life. “  I could have listened to them sing that song over and over as I relished in the epiphany of the moment.

While at the beach last weekend for a wedding, I took some long walks along the edge of the water and  let my thoughts drift freely as my gaze scanned the tide in the setting of the afternoon sun.  I watched the tide roll back and forth on the path ahead of me as it pulled sand back with it creating a perfectly new path for me to place my feet as I walked forward.  It occurred to me that this was similar to the bridge over which God had carried me.  We walk and leave our footprints, our past, behind us, but as the tide comes up, it not only washes away our past steps but it also gives us a clean canvas upon which to place each new forward step…. what is behind you is behind you…what lies ahead of you is all new…a newly created life.

Keep looking forward, toward your new life, with your eyes straight ahead. Trust that God  will carry you and lay down for you like a bridge.   Before you know it, you will be walking in that new life.

"Like a Bridge"

When you're weary 
Feeling small 
When tears are in your eyes 
I will dry them all 

I'm on your side 
When times get rough 
And friends just can't be found 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 

When you're down and out 
When you're on the street 
When evening falls so hard 
I will comfort you 

I'll take your part 
When darkness comes 
And pain is all around 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 

Sail on Silver Girl, 
Sail on by 
Your time has come to shine 
All your dreams are on their way 

See how they shine 
If you need a friend 
I'm sailing right behind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind

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